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Winner of the competitive selection "Gazprom nedra"

The long wait for the results of the competitive selection announced in December last year ended on February 18, 2021 with a notification from the Gazprom Procurement electronic platform:

«The organizer notifies about the determination of INTECH-Service LLC (Participant No. 1) as the winner based on the results of the competitive selection No. 32009789648

Provision of services for the lease of geophysical equipment (electrical divergent logging for studying the annular space of wells) for conducting geophysical surveys and works in wells for the needs of Severgazgeofizika PF "Gazprom Nedra" LLC (34868) in accordance with the decision of the review committee».

Preparations are nearing completion for dispatch of two Tvertsa EDK-7-89-02 VTs 18 electric divergent logging tools and the Tvertsa logging system to Novy Urengoy.

The work is progressing quickly and smoothly. But as always.

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