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The first stage of testing the Resistivity Behind Case logging tool - 54 mm is completed!

August 23, 2019, Kogalym, OJSC Kogalymneftegeofizika (OJSC KNGF).

The first stage of testing of a small-sized borehole RBC logging tool "Tvertsa EDK-5-54-01 VTs19" on a seven-core cable at industrial wells at JSC "KNGF" has been completed.

The electronic measuring part showed high accuracy in comparison with existing serial devices, the measurement error in the measurement range up to 100 Ohmm was 1%. During the tests, several design features were identified that slightly complicate the operation of the equipment in the well, which will be eliminated by the design and technological bureau in the process of preparing the equipment for switching to the device with a three-core cable.

Representatives of KNGF JSC express their hope for the earliest possible introduction of a small-sized RBC logging tool into commercial operation.

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