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Speech of the delegation of INTECH-Service LLC at the conference

On May 22, 2019, in the city of Ufa, the Kvant Geophysical Cluster, together with IPO EAGS, AIS, Soyuzneftegazservice, RosGeo and the National Association of Oil and Gas Service, held the XXV International Scientific and Practical Conference "New Geophysical Equipment and Technologies for Oil and Gas Companies".

This is a traditional meeting of geophysicists with specialists from oil and gas and service companies. At the conference, round tables, business meetings, the issues of the effective use of new domestic and foreign geophysical equipment and technologies for the study of hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves in horizontal wells on the shelf and onshore were raised. The conference participants discussed the optimal range of geophysical, geological and technological and drilling service technologies for enhanced oil recovery.

The event was also attended by a delegation from INTECH-Service LLC. During the plenary session, the presentation "The Soyuz complex of import-substituting equipment and technologies for studying the annular and interholl space to determine the current state of reservoirs and increase oil and gas recovery at existing oil and gas fields" were made by: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the INTECH-Service group of companies Tsoi Valentin Evgenievich and Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of INTECH-Vnedrenie LLC Kuznetsov Oleg Leonidovich.

The story set the general trend of the conference and called for the unification of disparate Russian manufacturers of geophysical equipment into a single cluster. The advancement of an integrated technology for studying the annular space will allow domestic oilfield service enterprises to enter foreign markets and, in a fair competition, raise the positions of Russian science and business among the leading international suppliers of oil and gas services. After the report, meetings were organized with representatives of the service divisions of TNG-Group, at which they discussed issues of conducting pilot works in Tatarstan and Western Siberia.

In the "Production" section of the conference, Deputy General Director of INTECH-Service LLC for the development and implementation of new equipment and technologies, Viktor N. Belyakov, made a presentation "Development, implementation, modernization and experience in the use of well tools of Resistivity Behind Case logging "NEK/Tvertsa-EDK" and well tractors for the closed hole "INTECHTRAC". The report was accepted by the specialists present at the speech with great interest, and as a result, meetings were held with representatives of organizations interested in joint work in the Perm Territory and the state of Oman.

At the conference, representatives of LLC INTECH-Vnedrenie and LLC INTECH-Service met with colleagues from OJSC Kogalymneftegeofiziki and discussed issues of expanding cooperation in the field of service work and testing new equipment, as well as a strategy for long-term cooperation.

In general, the delegates of INTECH-Service LLC noted the positive atmosphere of the conference, productive communication with colleagues and, undoubtedly, the usefulness of the conference in the development of the activities of geophysical enterprises in Russia.

LLC "INTECH-Service" expresses gratitude to all the organizers of the conference and personally: Laptev Vladimir Viktorovich and Lapteva Olga Vladimirovna.

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