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Rosgeo conference with defense industry enterprises

Gelendzhik 26 - 27 September 2019. At JSC Yuzhmorgeologiya, representatives of INTECH-Service LLC took part in a meeting on attracting enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex (MIC) to manufacture exploration equipment.

On the first day of the conference, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of INTECH-Service LLC, Professor, Doctor of Economics, made a speech in the section “Hardware-technical means and equipment for geophysical work on land”. Tsoi Valentin Evgenievich with a report on the topic: "Integrated technology "INTECH" for the study of the annular and interwell space to determine the missed formations and undeveloped hydrocarbon reserves in the wells of the operating fund in order to increase the oil recovery factor in oil and gas fields."

In a detailed and concise report, Valentin Evgenievich explained to those present the meaning and content of the advanced technology developed by our enterprise and called for the unification of Russian manufacturers of geophysical equipment, leading enterprises of the defense industry and machine-building enterprises in order to create import-advanced and import-substituting technologies for downhole, onshore and offshore geophysics, equipment for oilfield service engineering and machines for seismic research. The report was carefully listened to by the audience and ended with prolonged applause.

Representatives of INTECH-Service LLC held a number of meetings with the management of JSC Rosgeologia, with the heads of enterprises belonging to the structure of the MIC and directly with the management of enterprises.

A number of proposals by V.E. Tsoi. and the principled positions of the management of our enterprise were included in the final minutes of the meeting.

In the hall of the second floor, a stand of our enterprise was presented with equipment for RBC logging of 89th and 54th diameters, a well tractor of 54 diameters and a new generation control logging system "Tvertsa-2M2". Our products were met with special interest and enjoyed the attention of visitors to the exhibition-conference throughout the entire duration of the exposition.

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