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GeoEurasia 2020 conference on February 3 in Moscow

02/03/2020 in Moscow, a young engineer-geophysicist INTECH-Vnedrenie LLC Denis Andreevich Sizov, postgraduate student of the Department of General and Applied Geophysics, Dubna University, spoke at the GeoEurasia 2020 conference in the GIS section with a report on the topic: "Resistivity behind casing and pulsed neutron logging in order to determine the residual oil and gas saturation of the reservoir layers”.

Today, most of the fields are in the final stages of development, therefore, the issue of increasing the technological efficiency of development and the completeness of extraction of hydrocarbons from reservoir strata is urgent. A comprehensive interpretation of the PNL and RBC methods will allow, due to a detailed study of the properties of rocks, to increase the reliability of the assessment of residual oil and gas saturation.

In his report, Denis Sizov conducted a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of two methods for determining the coefficient of current (residual) oil and gas saturation. The use of these methods in combination will allow solving the problem of determining the residual oil and gas saturation coefficient with a higher accuracy and rapidity.

The report was well received by the experts who participated in the section, questions were asked about the features of the RBC method, which, despite the fact that it is becoming more widespread, for many specialists in the geophysical industry is an unusual and unexpected "Terra Incognita".

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