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Disruptive technologies giving the Green Light to future geophysical equipment developers

Geophysical equipment of the latest generation for prospecting for oil in the existing well stock for their exploration and search for missed oil and gas strata, breakthrough technologies and promising projects, the possibility of cooperation on favorable terms - the students of Dubna University learned about all this after attending a meeting organized by SEZ Dubna resident company INTECH-Service. For many, it became decisive in choosing a place for future work, and the figures and facts presented by the participants were amazing.

The volume of oil production in Russia will reach 570 million tons in 2021 and then, starting from 2022, according to the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, real oil production may decrease by 44% and in 2035 will amount to only 310.0 million tons. The oilfield services market has already shrunk by 40% compared to 2014. Why? Because it has become too expensive and unprofitable to invest in the search for new oil. And even four world-famous companies (Schlumberger, Halibarton, Weatherford and Baker-Hughes), which carry out the bulk of the work of 357 billion dollars a year, are not ready for such solutions.

SEZ Dubna resident INTECH-Service develops and manufactures equipment of the most advanced technologies that will allow returning from the existing well stock for their study and search for missed oil and gas strata. We have hundreds of thousands of wells in Russia, most of which are worth. And there is enough oil there to prevent its production in 2035 from dropping by an unfortunate 44%. The development of such wells will make it possible to produce 325 million tons of oil worth more than 6 trillion rubles in 13 years from 2022 to 2035. And these are truly breakthrough technologies, which the management, developers and specialists of the INTECH-Service company introduced to students in the framework of cooperation with the Dubna University in the field of education, science, development and implementation of professional educational programs.

The meeting was attended by distinguished guests: President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, President of the Dubna University O. L. Kuznetsov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences A.S. Bugaev, vice-president of the Euro-Asian Geophysical Society V.V. Laptev, Doctor of Law, Rector of the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property I.A. Gemini, scientist-physicist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences E.E. Sleep, Rector of Dubna University D.V. Fursaev, Advisor to the Rector of the University "Dubna" Yu.S. Sakharov, Director of the Engineering Physics Institute E.A. Davydov, General Director of TERMOINTECH LLC Y.S. Abaev, director of the representative office in Dubna of the law firm "Gorodissky and Partners" Anand Saini, vice-rector for educational and educational work of the University "Dubna" O.A. Crader.

It is symbolic that the meeting of students and luminaries in the oil and gas industry took place in the building of the first start-up complex of the plant for the production of oil service equipment LLC INTECH-Service, the first pile into the base of which was driven less than a year ago. Thus, it was demonstrated that the words of the management of the resident company do not diverge from the deeds: the object was built on the left-bank site of the SEZ Dubna exactly on schedule.

The initiator of the meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company and President of the National Oil and Gas Cluster SOYUZ Valentin Tsoi, spoke about the importance for the country of the project that is being implemented on the territory of the special economic zone INTECH-Service near Moscow. He announced the rapid growth of the enterprise, the capitalization of which in just a year grew from 100 thousand rubles in 2018 to 470 million rubles today. By the end of the year, this figure should rise to 1 billion rubles. “This is the merit of the team, in which we will be glad to see you - young, daring, having the necessary knowledge to work in this area. And we are ready to share all our experience and opportunities for their self-realization, ”said Valentin Tsoi.

Director for the development of geophysical instrumentation at JSC NPF Geofizik, vice-president of the Euro-Asian Geophysical Society Vladimir Laptev flew from Bashkiria to tell the students about the prospects for the development of geophysics. The President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, President of the Dubna University Oleg Kuznetsov said that this is not just an interesting type of activity, but also a way of life: - This industry opens up enormous opportunities for young geophysicists, instrument-makers, and electronics engineers. Exploration and oilfield geophysics is not only a serious science, the most advanced technologies, but also a way of life that people do not part with when they come to real expeditions, teams, work with real, very complex, but beautiful, unique equipment and get results of international importance...

"We are waiting for smart, proactive, active students, we offer them internships at the enterprise and could even pay scholarships for the period of study,” says Vyacheslav Mukhin, General Director of INTECH-Service LLC. - The company needs bold ideas of young developers of new devices - electronics engineers, designers, IT specialists, geophysicists.

Valentin Tsoi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of INTECH-Service: “We need to make sure that, in addition to the joy of creativity, the young specialist also receives enough money for a normal life. And this combination of the satisfaction of a creative creator and financial well-being will allow him to be proud of his profession and will favorably distinguish him from those who are engaged in other work."

This idea was supported by the rector of Dubna University Dmitry Fursaev: - The key indicators of the university's activity should be the quality of employment of its graduates - in which companies they work, are there those among them who got into Wikipedia, what they achieved in life, in business. An important factor for any ranking of universities is the number of graduates working in high-tech companies, such as INTECH-Service, in corporations that determine the country's development. We do not have enough real success stories, and today we have the opportunity to hear from the first persons the story of such success. The University is glad to be a partner of the resident of SEZ "Dubna".

Students are already considering their participation in the INTECH-Service project. Denis Sizov, a fifth-year student of the Faculty of Natural Engineering Sciences of the Department of General and Applied Geophysics, considers it promising not only for Dubna, Russia, but also in the export version. And the future geophysicist from the fourth year, Anton Deryugin, was impressed by the pace with which the investor of the SEZ Dubna is moving towards the goals set: "I am considering the possibility of doing an internship at such a modern enterprise."

The students were also impressed by the demonstration of the operation of the "EDK-5-54-01 VTs19" downhole tool, created by the specialists of the INTECH-Vnestrenie company, and which has no analogues in the world. After testing the device in Siberia, the production of equipment for oil prospecting at existing oil and gas fields in Russia and the world will continue on the territory of the SEZ Dubna, and until the presentation of innovative products at the St. Petersburg Gas Forum on October 1, 2019, the capitalization of LLC INTECH-Service will be more than 700 million rubles.

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