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Completed the stage of machining and control assembly of a prototype of a well tractor

The stage of manufacturing parts and assembly units of the INTECHTRAK 3-54-01 VTs19 well tractor with a diameter of 54 mm for horizontal and directional wells has been completed. The specialists of the design and technological department faced some difficulties in the manufacture of the most complex part - the tractor body. Not every plant in Russia and abroad is capable of performing metalworking of such complexity and precision!

And now a successful control assembly of all components and assemblies has already been carried out, and the specialists proceeded to the final assembly of the device - installing the assemblies, tracing wires, connecting electronics and software.

Work on the project does not stop for a minute.

On September 16, 2019, we plan to start the stage of bench tests of the tractor. According to the test procedure, it is necessary to confirm the specified power, traction and strength characteristics.

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