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All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Nature. Society. Human"

November 28, 2019 in the city of Dubna at the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference NATURE. SOCIETY. PERSON in the subsection of the scientific school Kuznetsova O.L. "Oil and gas and engineering geophysics" the interpreter engineer of INTECH-Vedinenie LLC presented a report on the topic "Analysis of the use of pulsed neutron and resistivity behind case logging to determine the oil and gas saturation of reservoirs." The report summarized the theoretical foundations of pulsed neutron and resistivity behind case logging, presented practical results (examples) of the interpretation of RBC and PN data, in conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of the methods in the conditions of logging and subsequent processing and interpretation of data were noted. The speaker was D.A. Sizov. The report was prepared under the guidance of V.N. Belyakov, Deputy General Director of INTECH-Service LLC for the development and implementation of new technologies and techniques.

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